Welcoming Pen-friend


We are delighted to to be able to welcome over a hundred of our pupils’ pen-friends every year. They are invited to attend lessons and to join in the day to day life of the school. They can also make use of their time by getting to know Lyon with its rich heritage, 2000 years of history, its wonderful tradition of food and lovely surroundings. 

It is always a real experience for those concerned and gives them plenty to think about : differences between school systems, the value of friendship, hospitality…. The themes are wide ranging and differ according to each individual.

A few tips for preparing to spend time at  Ombrosa.
• Accept that things are different : that might appear simple but it’s sometimes difficult particularly for the first time. You have to live with the difference if you are to understand it, that’s the whole point of coming to stay.
• Remember to communicate: In order to learn, of course, but also to make sure that any difficulties which may occur are quickly ironed out.



  • Don’t hide your own personal and cultural identity: What better way to get talking and to make friends !
  •  Make a duty of being curious : Time and opportunities hurry by.There is always something to be gained from whatever situation. Get into the habit of looking for new experiences. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, even come prepared to set up your own enquiry. 





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