Welcome and Integration

Being open to others, sharing values.

A significant number of families choose Ombrosa for the long term education of their children. Some pupils, however, opt to come to Ombrosa for a few months or a few years, even joining during the course of the school year. If pupils do make such a choice it means that they have to be actively involved in their integration into the school, just as is the case for visiting pen-friends.

Preparing for arrival.
As part of the application process the pupil will be required to have an interview. This enables the school to get to know the candidate better and to understand what motivates them. It’s also an occasion for finding out the answers to questions which may be worrying them.

Thinking of taking part in clubs and learning new languages is also a good way of speeding up the process of integration.


Before the start of the school year documentation containing general information is sent to families who are applying. The rules and conditions of life at school should be read thoroughly.

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