English Speaking Pupils

English speaking pupils receive a programme of teaching which is geared to help them improve or learn French, maintain and improve their level of English and complete their secondary education by taking nationally and internationally recognised exams. Various possibilities are on offer from the Seconde onwards to facilitate their integration into the life of the ‘Lycée’:

  • They can opt for a Seconde Internationale Intensive which is taught in English and leads to a full IGCSE Certificate (7 subjects) and is complemented by French as a Foreign language, if necessary.
  • Or a Seconde Internationale wihich combines teaching in English and in French. They then take IGCSE exams for which they began preparation the previous year.
  • Or a Seconde Francophone in which they continue with English at native level and prepare certain subjects for IGCSE (English, English Literature, History)


The International Baccalaureate leading to the Bilingual Diploma and the French Baccalaureate series S (Sciences) or ES (Economic and Social Sciences) are both offered in Première.

A real sense of motivation, the capacity for hard work and the ability to cope with a secondary school curriculum of many subjects are indispensable. An open and lively personality also makes it easier to participate in joint projects, such as the production of the school magazine.




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