French Speaking Pupils

The format of the educational programme covers all the demands of the French National Curriculum: knowledge and skills. This dovetails naturally with the next stage of the pupils education in secondary school. Reading, writing, the French language and Maths remain the key stones. These are the subjects taught through the medium of French, Maths is also taught in the weeks when the teaching is done in English.

It is in the Primary School where the spontaneous and habitual use of English is really established. A period of schooling in England is possible and incorporated into the programme of the last two years. We work in partnership with 110 British schools (Surrey, Kent, Dorset, Cheshire, Isle of Man).

Pupils who are beginners in English adapt rapidly to the weeks of teaching in English.


Allowances are made for them when they first begin and with the benefit of extra support they gradually reach the required level. They are advised to take part in trips to England as soon as possible. During ‘French Week’ they are normally very keen to show their worth and can be rewarded for their efforts.




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