Native Level English

Teaching which is based on the English National Curriculum is available to those pupils for whom English is their mother tongue or for those whose English is near native level. (Campus of Caluire).

In the Lycée : English Literature  A1 for the IB, preparation for FCE, CAE and Cambridge Proficency exams for candidates studying for the  French Baccalaureate S and ES.
IGCSE « English First Language » is the  programme  for pupils in Y11 (11th Grade), including those pupils in the French section. IGCSE « English Literature » is part of the International Curriculum and available as an option to pupils studying the French Curriculum .

In the collège : English lessons for native speakers are based on the English National Curriculum. The amount of English teaching can be increased by choosing to opt for English Plus instead of another foreign language. English Language Workshops and a Literature Club complete the programme.



In the Primary School, special native English sessions are arranged as extra lessons during the weeks  when everything is taught in English. This happens every other week.

In the Nursery, teaching is in English everyday.

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