International Baccalaureate

Recognised by prestigious universities worldwide the International Baccalaureate is a high level diploma which validates pupils’ studies at the end of their secondary school career. It is an excellent preparation for further education.

Mission Statement

Since its foundation, the school has welcomed staff and pupils from all backgrounds, origins and cultures. It seeks to help pupils develop their potential by providing them with a challenging, inspiring, caring and international educational environment. Everyone is to be valued and respected, the whole person is nurtured.

The school places emphasis on high educational standards, bilingualism, multilingualism, study abroad opportunities and extra-curricular activities, thus living the motto:

“S’ouvrir au monde”-“Opening out to the world”.

Certain fundamental characteristics of the IB programme make it a very attractive proposition and it is for this reason that it would fit so well into the educational philosophy of the school.

  • It was designed for international pupils who were likely to study in several countries during the course of their school career or for those who wanted to have a wider choice of higher education.

  •  From the outset its structure has reflected that proposed by Ombrosa, combining as it does elements of the French and British systems.


  • Intellectual development goes hand in hand with creative , social and character building experiences which allow for the all round development of the individual.

The bilingual programme is designed for French or English speaking pupils from European or International Bilingual Sections who have sufficient mastery of French or English.




Results for the 2020 baccaleaureates session
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