Mission Statement/ Admission Procedure

Status/Mission Statement

Ombrosa is a private, non-profit making institution. Its aim is to provide a particular style of education and deliver it to pupils and families  who appreciate  and understand its particularities. Certain factors, dependent on the age of the child, are taken into account when an admission is considered. A candidate needs a basic level of ability to be able to benefit from the teaching on offer. The other factors to be considered are the level of motivation, personal disposition and previous educational background.

Admission procedure

  • Nursery level: Interview
  • In the Primary School :
    - Interview and School Record up to CE2.
    - Test, interview and School Record from CM1 onwards.
  • In the Secondary School : Test, interview  School Record.



Applications can be made from October onwards for a place in the following September. They are considered on ‘a first come first served basis’ bearing in mind the number of places available. 




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