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We believe extra-curricular activities to be important.  Though they are optional, they are integrated into school life and enhance the diversity of the educational tools offered by Ombrosa. These activities create new dynamics and new experiences.

Clubs are open 4 - 5:30pm and on Wednesday all afternoon. Whether pursued for leisure or more competitively, the following activities are offered in accordance with age suitability:

· Gymnastics
· Athletics
· Judo
· Football
. Rugby

· Fine arts
· Choir
· Computer literacy
. Instrumental group
. Rock group
. English literature workshop
. Musical Theatre Club
. Chess



The projects are geared towards secondary school students.

Children are encouraged to get involved in original productions requiring structured group work. They are supervised within the school though external partners may participate. The projects are often very ambitious in scope.



The students usually find this activity particularly enriching, thanks to the sense of adventure and discovery and the emotion deriving from successful completion, and the experience gained.

Productions include: “The Ombrosa Chronicle”, Students’ Day, the School’s birthday celebrations, dances, graduation ceremonies, Christmas markets, experimental demonstrations, video films, etc. 

To learn more:
Download the PDF document "Extra-Curricular activities at Ombrosa".





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