French Speaking Pupils

The format of the educational programme covers all the demands of the French National Curriculum : knowledge and skills. Pupils choose their options at the age of 15+ and sit the Diplôme National du Brevet. The emphasis is laid on achievement, personal development and general attitude.

Beginners in English have the advantage, in their first year, of a special intensive course of six lessons per week. They are advised to take part in an exchange programme with an English speaking country. Extra support is also available, if required, for pupils at other levels.

Pupils already well familiar with English can, if they wish, take part in a Literature Club, which would then mean they could boost the number of English lessons to 6 per week. The most highly motivated, subject to examination, can join the native speaker classes.


Those who choose not to start a second foreign language can also commute those 4 lessons into extra English lessons.

In the first two years of Lower Secondary School History, Geography, and certain workshops are taught in English with the help of bilingual documents. Special provision is made for History to be taught in French to the beginners in their first year.




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