International Pupils

Pupils in the lower secondary section of Ombrosa have the opportunity of following a dual language curriculum within the French national system. In the Upper Secondary School these various options are expanded and pupils can stay within the French system or opt for an international curriculum, or even combine elements of both. A flexible and stimulating environment make this effort possible.

In French lessons pupils go to the French as a foreign language workshop for as long as is necessary. As a result he/she can progress in a structured but personalised way, receive a good grounding in grammar and build on the language acquired on a day to day basis.

In the first two years of the Lower Secondary School History, Geography, and certain workshops are taught in English with the help of bilingual documents. English language is taught at different levels, according to need.



The other subjects are taught in French. To begin with the demands made of the pupil are modified and according to his/her needs the pupil can either be taken out of the lesson or be given special help during tests.

Whilst the pupil is settling in priority is given to the teaching of French, to help them integrate, and English. A special coordinator encourages the pupil and can formulate a specific timetable by replacing certain subjects and substituting French as a foreign language lessons.




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