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Consolidation and growth

The rôle of the lower secondary school is to establish and build on good educational practice and encourage international awareness.

By relying on the content and structure of the French system the aim is to widen the field of interest while at the same time reinforcing the essential basic skills already acquired by the pupils. The aim is also to instill a real sense of personal motivation and to establish good working practices.

This part of the school prepares pupils for the Diplôme National du Brevet, and IGCSE, and these lead on to the High School where pupils study in various streams leading to either the French Baccalaureate or, if in the international stream, to the proposed International Baccalaureate, bilingual option.
English is taught on 3 levels : beginners, bilingual pupils, native speaker level.


To be or to become bilingual, in French and English, is a great starting point for coping well with extra languages :

  • German or Japanese from the first year as a first foreign language.
  • Spanish or Chinese from the age of 13 as a second foreign language.
  • Japanese is offered in the Sixth Form as a third foreign language.

Periods of immersion and schooling abroad are organised in the form of exchanges with sixty or so Secondary and High Schools spread through Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, and Spain




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