Bilingual and Multilingual Programmes

To be bilingual even multilingual, is becoming a much more sought after skill given the acceleration of international exchanges.

Ombrosa has incorporated this development into its school curriculum. It hasn’t been a question of forging an education which concentrates solely on teaching languages but rather a way of giving added value to each pupil’s career.

To discover and perfect both French and English, has become within the reach of large numbers of children. Whether they be French or English speaking, from a multicultural family or whether they have a different mother tongue, all well motivated pupils have the possibility of attaining the best possible command of English, whilst at the same time, their integration into the French education system allows them to perfect their French. 


Learning German, Japanese or Spanish and discovering their related cultures are complementary and interesting opportunities for bilingual pupils, or for those who are about to become so. They gain much from lively and structured teaching all of which is consolidated by periods of schooling in the country of the target language.




Results for the 2020 baccaleaureates session
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