International Programmes of Study


Ombrosa proposes an in depth, modular programme of international study.

Study in the Lycée is geared towards the most widely known international exams :

  • The International Baccalaureate (IB): The diploma awarded by the IBO is studied over the last two years and is a  university entrance requirement.

  • IGCSE : British examinations at intermediary level produced by the examinations board of Cambridge and
    considered one of the best preparations for the IB. Performance in these exams is taken into account when applying to certain universities, especially British ones...

Teaching is thus either in English or in two languages, English and French.

Literature can be studied in several different languages at IB level. This is a facility available for those for whom neither English nor French is their mother tongue


In the Nursery and Primary Schools teaching in two languages allows for real immersion in English whilst at the same time following the  French National Curriculum.
In the Lower Secondary School pupils can chose to study new languages : German, Japanese, Spanish
Exchange visits to these countries are organized by the school. 




Results for the 2020 baccaleaureates session
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