Former pupils of Ombrosa are accepted into all types of higher education.

It is not really possible to categorise a typical Ombrosa pupil. Each one uses the grounding acquired to carve out their own path more often than not in an international context.

The number of pupils going on to study abroad is increasing slightly, particularly because of the attractiveness of certain courses and because of the growing number of international students.

It remains, however, a good format for many pupils, national and international, to start off their studies in the French system and to use their background of international education gained at Ombrosa to specialise later on in countries abroad. They are then doubly rewarded in experience and knowledge, a very useful asset for later life.


Records of achievement, international experience, diplomas and certificates pave the way for further studies. Nevertheless, success in higher education and later on in life is really down to making the correct choices and the level of personal investment one is prepared to make as much as the valuable knowledge one has gained .

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