French National Diploma 'Brevet'

"Le Diplôme National du Brevet" attests the levels of attainment achieved at the end of the last year of Lower Secondary education, in France. Passing this exam isn’t absolutely necessary in order to continue studying at the Lycée. It can be seen as a diagnostic test allowing targets to be set for individual pupils.

However, for French pupils and pupils who are following the French system a good mark in this exam is all but indispensable. It indicates a good grasp of the basic subjects and skills needed to cope with the new demands of study at the Lycée.

For pupils new to the French system success in this exam is not indispensable. However, it should be seen as a motivating goal and its achievement brings a great sense of reward.


For international pupils for whom French is a new language priority can be given to the preparation of IGCSE certificates and on the study of French as a foreign language, rather than on the preparation of the ‘Brevet’.





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