Language Diplomas

As well as being of advantage within the school system, national or international curricula, the level of linguistic ability of the pupils, which is often very high, permits them access to international language diplomas.

Organised by the countries themselves, outside the school system, these diplomas are particularly valued by higher education establishments and employers.

Pupils from Ombrosa have the opportunity to take the following exams :

  • diplomas KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, offered by Cambridge ESOL in collaboration with l’ESRI.
  • DELF and DALF organised by the University Lumière.
  • Sprachdiplom Deutch organised by the Goethe Institute..


  • Japannese Language Proficiency Test organised by Jetro and the Maison du Japon in Paris..
  • DELE organised by the Cervantes Institute.




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