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In Caluire, Ombrosa educates children from nursery level to final year of secondary school. The children most often come from Caluire, Val de Saône, Monts d’Or and, thanks to the extensive school transport network (accessible to all children from 1st grade upwards), the greater Lyon area.

The Institute is located just eight kilometres from the city centre in enclosed grounds.  It boasts recreation areas, sports facilities and a school cafeteria. Nine buildings are spread over 15 hectares, enabling us to host all levels of students in areas specifically adapted to the needs and abilities of each one. These distinct generously-sized units promote safety and mixing, and also allow for a student’s school environment to progress as he/she moves through the years.

The site also features short-term parking areas for parents. There is a special designated route for school transport, with a parking area well removed from main traffic.

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Presention of class work and activities



School transport

  •  Greater Lyon is served by a network of five lines passing through: Lyon peninsula, Lyon left bank, Lyon Part-Dieu, Lyon Croix-Rousse, Caluire, Villeurbanne, Bron, Oullins, Saint-Genis Laval, les Monts d'Or, Champagne, Ecully, Sainte Foy, Francheville.

  • A shuttle bus also operates between the two establishments.

Public transport

  • TCL routes 40 and 90 serve the Caluire site

  • TCL routes 4, 27, and 36, and metro line A (station Foch) serve the site at Lyon 6th.




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