International Pupils

Children for whom the mother tongue is neither French nor English pick up these two new languages relatively easily because they are used in clearly defined contexts : English in the classroom with the teacher and French outside with certain adults and classmates. It is important that the mother tongue remains the main language within the context of the family.

International pupils all benefit from the teaching staff’s long experience of helping them to adapt and integrate. The teaching is structured in such a way as to ensure that the demands of language acquisition do not compromise the child’s development in other areas of nursery education.  From the age of four years old the children are regularly taught apart in small groups to make sure they can express themselves in French.


The method which is used to teach reading makes it more comfortable for them to master the art, which can be difficult when it is taught in French. It is in this way that the children develop a solid base on which to build a good command of French. Learning to write English then follows naturally when they transfer to the Primary School.






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