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The general aim is simple yet accessible and very important: to learn the arts of self discovery and self discipline in order to involve oneself in an attractive yet formative world: the world of school. This first step is of prime importance if school life and life in society are to be lived as positive experiences.

Joining nursery school is a new motivating stage for the child. Here are acquired new skills and knowledge which are a pleasure to put into practice. The nursery school child also learns to live with others, to respect and to share, to follow instructions in order to be able to discover other new and exciting activities.
On the programme are: psychomotricity, language, logic, writing, creativity….

The nursery school is entirely English speaking, with the sole exception of pre-reading which is done in French, throughout the year, in the top classes.



Children are accommodated Monday to Friday, Wednesday mornings included, in small specially adapted areas. The youngest pupils benefit from an afternoon nap after lunch.

Staff who have, in the majority, been trained and qualified in English speaking countries but also in France, work as a team under the control and inspection of the Local Education Authority. They, thus, continuously enrich the legacy of more than thirty years of educational experience.





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