Founded in 1971, the school is governed by a non-profit making association, in compliance with the law of 1901 pertaining to associations.

Integrated into the French education system, the school was created with a view to developing unique educational tools for helping children realise their potential and become fully bilingual and, eventually, multilingual.

With support from ADERLY (Lyon Area Economic Development Agency) and the Town Hall of Lyon, the school has grown and contributes to the city’s international dimension.

· It actively contributes to the diversity of educational options offered to French and foreign families in the Lyon area.
· It gives children in the Greater Lyon area the opportunity to learn effectively several different languages at a time (a maximum of four).


· Its students and graduates occasionally act as ambassadors during international events in the city, such as during international trade fairs, G7 meetings, Japan Week, etc.

In 1993, following requests from Savoie parents and with the support of local authorities, Ombrosa opened a school in Voglans. Michèle Vivet is the local head and runs the school in direct collaboration with its Lyon counterpart.  .





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