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Ombrosa is a private, secular, non profit making establishment part of which is under government control and it hosts pupils of all denominations from the greater Lyon area, and the departments of Ain and Savoie.

Under the guidance of the Headmaster an international team of 75 teachers welcomes, on three sites, 1,200 pupils of 30 different nationalities, from their infant years to their final years. They receive part or all of their schooling at Ombrosa itself.

French children make up 80% of the pupil numbers. These children may have come back from a period abroad, or be from multicultural families but may, equally, be from families in Lyon or Savoie who wish their children to reap the benefits of international experience, good teaching and a proven method of education.


Ombrosa welcomes a growing number of English speaking and international pupils. They are attracted by the dual nature of the education offered by the school. An education which offers integration into a bilingual system and which at the same time proposes international recognition through its carefully managed educational philosophy.

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