In the Lyon Area

The educational approach which has been adopted goes beyond normal school boundaries for it includes an international dimension, extra curricular activities and takes into account the  personality of each and every child.

French pupils, British pupils and those of 30 or so other nationalities become first of all bilingual and then multilingual.

They can complete their studies by following  :

The largest of the 3 schools is on the campus of Lyon-Caluire.

It takes pupils in :



The school in the 6th district of Lyon provides exactly the same nursery facilities and bilingual education as does its counterpart in Caluire.

Five school bus services run throughout Lyon and its suburbs and also connect the two sites.
On a day to day basis school times are dovetailed to ensure  smooth running (timetables, teaching, activities, transport to and fro). This is particularly appreciated by families who have children  at more than one of the sites.

See the table for further details of transport arrangements.




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