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The International Bilingual School, Ombrosa, which was founded in Lyon in 1971, can take pupils from the areas of Chambéry and Aix-Les-Bains, thanks to the opening in 1993 of a school in the village of Voglans.
A new site, at Bourget du Lac, opened in September 2007 to cater for pupils in the Collège.

The educational approach here  takes into account the  personality of each and every child, concentrates on developing good daily work habits and has an international dimension.

Children have a bilingual  education in the Nursery and Primary Schools and can opt for further languages in the Secondary School.


For any pupil stimulated by the educational approach or attracted by the national or international curriculum proposed by Ombrosa, they can be educated in the Lycée on the campus at Caluire, provided that they find accommodation in Lyon.





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