The teaching staff  work as five teams, each with a Director of Studies and under the general auspices of the Head of the School. Each team works closely with the pupils and progress is carefully monitored and reported on throughout the pupil’s school career.

The school is in charge of its own recruitment. Its policy is to recruit competent, motivated people who understand and adhere to the school’s educational philosophy.

75 teachers, of whom nearly 70% are full time, deliver the National and International Curricula. Highly qualified, either in France or in their own country, these teachers work as a team to ensure that the appropriate programmes of study are adhered to. The teaching staff comprises 15 nationalities, with French and British being the most common. The staff have between them, on average, 9 years of teaching experience in the school and a half a dozen or so new members are welcomed to the school each year.

There is also a dedicated and experienced team of eleven people whose role it is to organise and supervise the school’s Exchange Programme.


Specialists from outside are called in to help with supervision, administration and other activities.

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