Motivation is the key to the process. Being prepared to experience something new, join in, share with others, be confident enough to make friends all this allows a pupil to develop.

As far as the curriculum is concerned different approaches and options are available. These depend on whether the pupil has come from the French system or has been following an international curriculum.

Immersion in the language is always on the cards in one way or another, depending on the needs and situation of the pupil. This process is supported by the teachers of French and English as Foreign Languages. Their help  focuses on communication and allows for rapid progress.



To get the best out of your stay it is best to try to avoid translating word for word but to try to respond spontaneously, if imperperfectly to begin with.

Welcome to Lyon ! Pupils from the Lycée have put information of all sorts about Lyon on line which is specially aimed at new arrivals.

For parents, the International Welcoming Group looks forward to meeting you and invites you to join them.

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