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Study in depth, reaping the rewards.

The Upper Secondary School is conceived for French, English and international pupils who wish to fulfil themselves and open as many doors as possible onto the world of higher education, in France or elsewhere (U.K Canada U.S.A.) Open to all comers the Lycée is particularly suitable for pupils who come from bilingual or international sections within Europe or Asia.

It’s a question of how, in three years, one can learn to become autonomous and self motivated as far as work is concerned. With a view to broadening knowledge and deepening thought processes the pupil has to tackle all sorts of different learning experiences (lessons, experiments, essay writing, research and presentations). Some of the topics concerned are imposed, some are chosen freely. Advice on methodology is carefully given in each case.


Advice to pupils also covers the choice of career path. In every case the pupil is urged to work towards the best and most suitable qualifications. Available is the broadest and most wide ranging selection.

The Upper Secondary School also presents the opportunity of learning how to work as a team, with myriad extra curricular projects available.




Results for the 2020 baccaleaureates session
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