Baccalaureate Results 2013


In the International Section all the pupils passed their IB exams with an average points score of 32,4 points out of 45, 55% of the pupils obtained a Bilingual Diploma.

In the French Section there was a 100% success rate with every pupil gaining some sort of distinction in the series of Baccalaureate that they were entered for, S (Scientific) ES (Economics and Social Sciences) and L (Literary)
Across the three series, 27% gained the highest distinction (Très Bien) and 45% obtained the second highest distinction (Bien).

Pupils, their families and the teaching staff celebrated the pupils' sucess at the Award Ceremony which was held on 5th July 2013.




HGEMC Project Y9/9th Grade "Forced Migration"
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Tuesday 19th December and Friday 23rd December 2017 pupils went to see the puppet show "Guignol"
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