Rugby at OMBROSA


In conjunction with UGSEL, the Rhône-Alpes Rugby Association, the game of rugby made its way onto the Primary School Curriculum.Two trainers from the organisation, Sébastien and Benjamin, taught all the necessary rugby moves and skills.An inter school tournament is planned in June. The classes of CM2 A/B/C ,CM1 C and CE2 C/D began on the 9th October, the classes of CE1 A/B/C began on the 22nd November.In March it will be the turn of CM1 A/B and CE2 A/B.

The teaching staff decided to use the opportunity as part of their programme 'Learn How to Look' Discovering other cultures is part of the programme and the advent of the Rugby World Cup provided an ideal chance to learn about the rules of the game, the geography of the participating countries, the geometry of the rugby field...Language work also benefitted: accrostics, slogans, imaginary matches, reports and interviews.

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