French as a Foreign Language

French as a Foreign Language (FLE) teaching, adapted to the ability and the needs of individual children, is provided at Ombrosa (Caluire).

  • In th Lycée (Upper Sacondary) : French is taught at the folowing levels - Ab Initio, B and A, as part of the IB syllabus. It is taught as French as a Second Language and French as a First Language for IGCSE.

  • In the Collège (Lower Secondary) there is an on-going French a s a Foreign Workshop.This is run in the target language by a specialist teeacher who adapts the lessons to the children's individual needs and also provides educational support.

  • In the Primary School special sessions of French a a Foreign Language are provided by teachers for those pupils who need them.

  • It is not nessary to provide any specific provision in the Nursery School.


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