Career Choices

Each pupil is required to develop his/her own careers project. Everyone is encouraged to find appropriate information and attend conferences held within and outside school. Pupils also prepare and execute their own enquiries in order to find out about working life.

The School Record and letters of reference are indispensable elements for acceptance into Higher Education. All pupils are evaluated rigorously and fairly.

Pupils and families can rely on proactive management and careers counselling. The pupils’ results are carefully analysed and personality is taken into account when future plans are discussed.

The experience gained from living in abroad, the advice given by former pupils together with the contacts that have been made throughout the education process, all prove invaluable tools when it comes to choosing the most suitable environment (country, university…)  in which to pursue one’s studies.


 Two of the staff have specific roles as Career Guidance Advisors. Ther areas of specification are :

France for national an international pupils

The UK and other countries.




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