Learning Other Languages

Being or becoming bilingual makes it easier to learn other languages. Mastering several languages and being familiar with their cultures stimulates the mind . This in turn brings with it an openness and ability to better understand Mankind and his World.

Spanish is introduced in Year 9 (9th Grade) as the third international language alongside English and French. The teaching of Spanish is helped along by periods of study in Spain in Years 10 and 11(10th and 11th Grade). In the Lycée (Upper Secondary School) pupils prepare the DELE exam which is organised by the Cervantès Institute of Spain. 

Acquiring German, which is Europe’s most widely spoken language, can be seen as a great advantage, culturally and linguistically. For someone who has already mastered English, French and Spanish the addition of German makes them most sought after as a potential employee in the heart of the European Community.   German is offered as a subject in the first year of the Secondary School, with the possibility of study and exchanges in Germany leading to a diploma from the Goethe Institute.


As Japan is one of the most powerful world economies, being able to learn Japanese and experience its culture constitutes an unrivalled educational opportunity. This language is offered either the first year of the Lower Secondary Schoolor, in the first year of the Upper Secondary School. The study of Japanese can lead to a period of time spent in Japan, at school and with a family. There is also the chance to prepare for the « Japanese Proficiency Language Test ».

The International Baccalaureate recognizes some 80 languages in its programme of A1 Literature. International pupils can gain a qualification in their mother tongue as part of the IB Diploma Programme when this Language A1 is taught with the aid of an outside tutor.

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