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Ombrosa offers a complete learning experience for all year groups. This experience comprises : the programmes of study on offer, the international dimension and the extra curricular activities available.

French, English and international pupils can either spend all or part of their school career at Ombrosa.

The programmes of study include
two or more languages and lead either to:

The international approach offered by Ombrosa’s environment and its teachers is underpinned by the numerous exchange programmes which are available to pupils. These exchanges are all organised by the school and provide complete cultural and linguistic immersion. 


Clubs and projects form an integral part of the life of the school and are used amongst other  methods as educational tools. Pupils are closely monitored in all their activities.

Each educator has direct responsibility for the
progress of pupils in his/her charge. Specific additional monitoring and help can be put in place for international pupils when they join the school, if it is needed.





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