Multicultural Diversity

A thorough mix
Apart from a strong French element the school is also host to a significant number of British families and no fewer than thirty other nationalities. Foreign pupils account for 20 % of the number on roll, without taking into account numerous pen-friends (from Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, UK) who are received throughout the year. 
45 % of the staff are from abroad and 85 % of them speak more than one language. This wide diversity of people and cultures melds together harmoniously. This is possible because of people’s willingness  to build strong relationships and  the respect  people have for each other’s cultural differences, in all their variety. There are  dynamic school and extracurricular  programmes at Ombrosa which provide all sorts of opportunities for experiencing life as it is lived in France and beyond.

Learning to adapt
Whether it’s a question of
arriving in Lyon or going further afield particular attention needs to be paid to the best way of achieving a painless transition. The key is to gain as much self confidence as quickly possible in order to be able to flourish in one’s new found environment. The teaching staff work on this aspect on a daily basis. Experienced teachers and coordinators are there to support pupils in transition, at school  and when they are abroad on an exchange programme.


Building an identity
New affinities are formed through contact with different cultures : new ways of relating socially, new teaching methods, new ideas, pleasures and experiences, new friendships… all these discoveries are possible through  cultural exchange…

Being confronted with such differences leads to questions.  Who am I ? What can I offer the other person? What will the other person make of me from his/her cultural perspective ? 

Establishing links
By making integration and exchange programmes such a high priority the school increases the opportunities for long term contacts. Pupils are able to build up long term relationships with people from all over the world. Such special relationships, established even before the stages of higher education or working life often prove invaluable in our modern world of ‘The Global Village’.

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