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Welcoming pen friends

Discovering France and developing friendships

Discovering France and developing friendships

Each year, it is a pleasure for us to welcome about a hundred of our students’ foreign pen friends.

They are invited to follow classes and integrate the rhythm school life. That way, they can also seize the opportunity of their visit to discover Lyon, its heritage, its 2000 years of history, its cuisine and surroundings.

The experience always proves to be authentic and gives food for thought: comparing school systems, friendship, hospitality, each and every student and pen friend also bringing up their favourite themes.

Here are some pieces of advice to prepare the exchange period at Ombrosa:

  • Accept differences: It might seem obvious but it can be difficult, especially for a first exchange. The difference must be practiced so that it can be understood, and this is what the exchange is all about.

  • Remember to communicate: This is essential to learn, but also to quickly manage with help of the supervising team, any difficulty that might arise.

  • Make sure they do not forget their own cultural and personal identities: There is no better way to fuel discussions and create bonds!

  • Make curiosity an utmost priority: Time flies, and opportunities come and go. Each and every situation can be a source of enrichment, and pen friends must train to look for it, and to offer it as well. Please do not hesitate to conduct thematic surveys and to come to us for any question.