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Broadening your perspective

Broadening your perspective

Our upper secondary school welcomes French, English and international students who wish to fully fulfill themselves within a general teaching and open wide the doors to higher education, in France or elsewhere (in the UK, Canada, the USA, Europe).

Open to every profile, Ombrosa Upper secondary school will particularly fit students from bilingual, international, European or oriental language sections. Many opportunities are offered to each and every student, including a thorough teaching of languages, cultural openness, periods of immersive schooling abroad, club activities along with in-depth study of all subjects.

For three years, students are expected to develop and implement a personal commitment in both work and motivation. To deepen their knowledge and thinking, students are encouraged to be invested in different types of work (classes, experiences, essays, researches, presentations) on imposed or free topics. Teachers pay close attention to the methodological support they can give to their students.

The monitoring of students also covers guidance counselling, help to adjust their choice of specialised teachings and to deal with procedures to access higher education. In any case, all students are encouraged to validate the best possible diplomas. In order to do so, they have an extended range of possibilities at hand.

Upper secondary school also is a special opportunity to experiment on school project management, teamwork, personal commitment in various forms such as: the Model United Nation club, the journalism workshop, the after school band, the gymnastics club, or the fine arts workshop.

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