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Consolidating and expanding

Consolidating and expanding

Ombrosa Lower secondary school focuses its action on educational optimisation, international openness and educational initiative.

Building on the skills and structured contents of the French system, but also on its values and openness, our main goal is to consolidate and expand the command of the essential knowledge basis in every subject. We also aspire to get our students to develop a genuine personal motivation and to establish a rewarding working methodology.

The English language is taught in a sustained way in Lyon Caluire, with an organisation based on three levels, four in the 6è class (G6/Y7): beginner, developing, bilingual, and international.

Lower secondary school prepares students to the Diplôme National du Brevet, IGCSE exams, and leads to the integration in upper secondary school (located on the campus of Lyon Caluire). Students can then follow the general course of the French Baccalaureate (seven specialised teachings are available), or opt for the international course leading to the bilingual International Baccalaureate

Being or becoming a French/English bilingual student also brings forward the opportunity to learn other languages:

  • Developing your profile when joining the 6è class, by selecting a LVB1: German (available in Savoie and in Lyon Caluire) or Japanese (in Lyon Caluire).
  • Acquire a new language of international dimension when joining the 5è class (G7/Y8) as a LVB or LVB’: Spanish (available in Savoie and in Lyon Caluire) or Chinese (in Lyon Caluire).
  • Japanese and Spanish are also available as a complementary LVC in 2nde class (G10/Y11).

Periods of immersive schooling abroad are organised as exchanges in partnership with about sixty Lower Secondary Schools and Upper Secondary Schools spread out across Canada, the UK, Germany, Japan and Spain.

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