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12Nov Educational trip to Berlin From Thursday 21st until Monday 25th of October, students of Terminale French section (G12/Y13) took… Learn more 12Nov Collège - English stay at Châteaux des Langues A dozen collège students from Ombrosa Caluire and Bourget-du-Lac took part in the English-speaking stay… Learn more 12Nov Year 5 (CM1) - English stay at IBS of Provence Thirty Year 5 (CM1) pupils from Ombrosa Caluire and Voglans took part in the English-speaking… Learn more 26Oct The Reading Challenge Students of CE2 (G3/Y4), CM1 (G4/Y5) and CM2 (G5/Y6) classes have gathered to discover the… Learn more 21Oct The recycling superheroes Students of MSM are working on the theme of recycling. Tuesday afternoon, in disguise as… Learn more 20Oct Climbing session for the CM1 and CM2 classes of Savoie On September 30th, students of CM1 (G4/Y5) and CM2 (G5/Y6) went climbing at La Zipette… Learn more 15Oct Cambridge entries Registrations are now closed for our center. Learn more 14Oct Silent dictation Students in CP class (G1/Y2) discovered how to work in autonomy thanks to the Montessori… Learn more 13Oct Christmas Talent Show Once again students in the College will be displaying their skills in front of an… Learn more 11Oct Visit to the Alpaca farm As an introduction to our “Eco-school” project, the CE1As and CE1Bs went to visit a… Learn more 07Oct All Together Day CM1 On the 27th September, and under the bluest sky, our four  CM1 classes headed off… Learn more 01Oct All Together Day CE1 Teamwork and cooperation were the themes of our “All Together Day”. All four CE1 classes… Learn more 28Sep DELF graduation Twenty students for whom French is a foreign language received their DELF diploma following the… Learn more 28Sep Presentation of the Singapore method for CP When parents of CP (G1/Y2) students discover the Singapore method for learning mathematics… Handling, reasonning,… Learn more 24Sep HSK Graduation In May 2021, 30 Middle and High School students presented the HSK certifications at levels… Learn more