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19Mar Carnival, Collège Caluire Campus The CARNIVAL of Ombrosa’s Collège will take place on Friday, March 19th. As part of… Learn more 03Mar The 100th day of school Today was the 100th day of school! This is a ritual that consists in counting… Learn more 03Feb The journalism workshop in full event mode On Wednesday 03rd February 2021, the long-awaited journalism workshop exhibition finally took place. 1BI students… Learn more 05Feb An Outing in the Snow for CE1 and CE2 Voglans Pupils from CE1 and CE2 in Voglans spent two days in the ski resort of… Learn more 03Feb Creativity, the Journalism Workshop's exhibition in the Lycée Experience all the different aspects of creativity by coming to see the exhibits the trainee… Learn more 07Jan Food Bank 2021 For years on, Ombrosa has taken an active part in collecting food for the Rhône… Learn more 18Dec December 2020 Talent Show The Christmas Talent show is an opportunity for students to participate in a ‘sharing’ of… Learn more 18Dec Mobilisation of pupils for the charity association Le Manguier d'Eloi Our 12 pupils working on the project of collecting children glasses to offer to children… Learn more 08Dec Fête des Lumières - Festival of Lights Pupils in Nursery School celebrated the Festival of Lights on December 8th, 2020 On this… Learn more 08Dec Model United Nation in Upper Secondary School 2020 MFINUE Conference (Modèle Francophone International des Nations Unies en Eurasie – French-speaking International Model… Learn more 30Nov The Autumn Festival by GSM pupils Pupils in last year of Nursery School spent one morning studying the autumnal season. Workshops… Learn more 01Sep Results of the Baccalaureates - 2020 session Within the exceptional context of the sanitary crisis, the General Baccalaureate and the Internation Baccalaureate… Learn more 13Mar The expression wall of the Vie Scolaire and pupils' representatives… To maintain the link! https://padlet.com/pcassan/38iycfiic5c1ftjm Learn more 08Feb Open Day of Le Bourget du Lac Lower Secondary School… February 08th 2020 9.00 a.m – 12.00 p.m Learn more 14Feb Open Day of Voglans Elementary School - Savoie - February… February 14th 2020 2.30 p.m – 6.00 p.m Learn more