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Welcome to Ombrosa Lower Secondary School

Welcome to Ombrosa Lower Secondary School

How do we integrate international students within our multilingual Lower Secondary School?

Ombrosa Lower Secondary School offers the opportunity to integrate a bilingual course within the French school system. From the 3è class (G9/Y10) and in Upper Secondary, this course leads to diverse sections ranging from the French to the International section, with multiple combinations available. 

Throughout their integration, students evolve within a flexible and stimulating environement.  

In French, students join the French as a Foreign Language workshop for the necessary period. This allows them to build a structured and adapted progression, firmly setting up the grammatical basis, and supporting the progress that they naturally achieve through their daily use of the language.  

The teaching of English is organised in levels: international, bilingual (advanced), developing (foreign language), beginner (6è class – G6/Y7). 

In 6è and 5è (G7/Y8) classes, subjects such as history, geography, and part of our workshops are taught in English and based on bilingual documents. 

Other subjects are taught in French with all the required attention, and to follow the logic of immersion. First, the requirements are adjusted. If need be, students can be exempt or receive additional help during evaluations. 

During the adjustment period, French and English learning, integration, and mathematics are the utmost priorities. A coordinator encourages students and can adapt their course by replacing some subjects by FLE workshop classes.  

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