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Guidance and course choices

Developing perspectives, validating each step

Developing perspectives, validating each step

Students are set to grow up and support their own choices for their future educational career. We encourage them to gather information and to take part in conferences organised both within and outside the school. They prepare and undertake surveys about professional life.

School reports and application files are essential in multiple courses, and students are assessed with accuracy and rigor.

Within their implication, both students and families benefit from a mindful and active partnership with the supervising team, which will be able to offer an analysis of the results and of the expressed personality, in the light of the considered project(s).

The experience acquired in different countries and through projects, the contacts made throughout their schooling, along with the encounters during conferences or with former students all turn out to be essential to choose the environment (country, university…) that will be more fitted to their project and personality.

Two supervisors are particularly mobilised as career councellors, and help students with the administrative steps. Each supervisor is specialised:

  • France, for both national and international students;
  • the UK and other countries.