International and French School
Multilingual Teaching
Lyon & Savoie

Educational approach

Values and goals

Values and goals

Ombrosa is part of a resolutely active apporach:

Its independence, international openness and sense of innovation are all mobilised to favour the development of a partnership between school, families and students. The aim is to comprehend the education of each student we are entrusted with, to offer them long-lasting means to realise themselves, by leaning on their fulfilment within the offered framework.

Daily through the schooling, the diversity of personalities, cultures and careers; whether among students or staff, is fully mobilised towards common goals:

• Revealing everyone’s abilities, letting students express their talents;
• Structuring and developing teachings;
• Offering to each student a balanced education;
• Ensuring that all skills are acknowledged.

In addition to these objectives, the great diversity of actions and interactions that constitute the daily life of the school all hinge on values that are both shared, and assumed.

• Meaning before all
To feel, understand and share the will to learn.
• Work efficiently
Seize all opportunities, master the tools, take ownership of the goals.
• Success through commitment
An incredible opportunity and support to develop as a person and among others, to tame efforts, to succeed and to build confidence.
• Openness
Questioning, sharing ideas and cultures; thus offering as many complementary chances for fulfillment.
• Respect
Essential to human being and interaction.