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Language qualifications

Recognition of skills and qualifications

Recognition of skills and qualifications

In addition to the academic assessment within both national and international courses, the language skills of students, that are often quite developed, can grant them access to international diplomas of languages.

Organised by the countries in question but not in conjunction with any school system, these diplomas are particularly rewarding in the perspective of higher education, and access to the job market.

Students at Ombrosa are prepared and have the opportunity to sit the following certification exams:

  • KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE diplomas offered by Cambridge ESOL in collaboration with ESTRI school;
  • DELF and DALF exams organised by the Alliance Française;
  • the Sprachdiplom Deutch organised by the Goethe Institut;
  • the Japanese Language Proficiency Test organised by the Jetro and the Japanese Culture House in Paris;
  • the DELE exam organised by the Cervantès Institute;
  • the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is devised under the authority of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in China.