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Musical 2021

Do not miss the show of the Musical Theatre Club “The Tail of Sheer Khan” !

This year Ombrosa Musical Theatre club have been working very hard to prepare a condensed, but atmospheric, immersive retelling of ‘The Jungle Book’ story. In a quiet corner of the jungle a group of villagers reflect on how Mowgli, a human child, ended up living with a pack of wolves. We discover how Mowgli learnt to live with the animals pursued by a revengeful tiger, Sheer Khan, whose tail was burnt off by a human from the man village. The story introduces us to many familiar characters from the original story with a plot that is exciting, amusing and dramatic. The Musical club is open to students from 6ème through to 3ème and provides the opportunity to work as part of a team towards a final product, while developing a range of essential skills including singing, dancing, acting, writing and directing. This year we have worked in unusual conditions, but embraced Covid by creating characters who will be in masks while respecting social distancing regulations. The show will take place on the 17th and 18th June, in the forestière at Ombrosa.