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28Sep Commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II This display was a tribute to the epic life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II,… Learn more 19Sep Presentation of the Lycée's workshops This Tuesday, September 13 between 1:25 pm and 3 pm, High school students were welcomed… Learn more 20Jun End-of-year concert of the Choir The Choir end-of-year concert took place last Friday at the Church Immaculée Conception in Caluire.… Learn more 09Jun Visit of Paris for the 3ème class As part of their History and Civics program, 30 students of 3°A and B went… Learn more 23May Outing in Pérouges 6ème   OUTING OF GRADE 6 STUDENTS IN PÉROUGES Tuesday, May 17 2022 STAINED GLASS  … Learn more 12May LEGO project CM1 In connection with our Geography and English units on renewable resources and eco-homes, our CM1… Learn more 11May Bridge National Championship Finale Two of our students selected to join the Bridge National CHampionship Finale that will take… Learn more 09May Outing at the aquarium MS/GS During our visit to the Aquarium of Lyon, we had the opportunity to study many… Learn more 06Apr Visual Art Exhibition of IB students The Arts exhibit constitutes the completion of two years of work for students of the… Learn more 05Apr Discovering the wildlife of Caluire In conjunction with our class project about the animals and our surrounding environment, Chloé from… Learn more 29Mar Meeting with Claire Fayers The Welsh author Clare Fayers, spent 3 days at Ombrosa with students of Elementary from… Learn more 17Mar St Patrick's Day Students of MSM Caluire gathered around Irish songs and danses to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.… Learn more 17Mar Every painting tells a story Tang, an Artist,  came to the CE2 classes. He showed us paintings from the Middle… Learn more 09Mar The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse As we studied the Tale “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse”, the three classes… Learn more 09Mar Alice's Wonderland Rehearsals are going well and we are almost there ! If you happen to be… Learn more