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Resource Centre & libraries

Ombrosa’s CDI (Center for resources and information / School Library) is located in the galerie, on the 1st floor of the Vernay building. It is accessible to all students of the Collège and the Lycée.

The school librarian welcomes highschoolers and middleschoolers during their lunch break and study times. They can enjoy the place to work, make some research, or relax. Computers are available for students, they can also borrow fiction books, documentary reviews and documents, DVDs, or read journals and magazines, all this in different languages (French, English, Spanish and German mostly).

Digital resources are also associated with the CDI. Both students and teachers benefit from a digital subscription to the service of educational videos Educ’Arte. The CDI also offers a huge career guidance database that can be refered to without restrains.

Regularly, the CDI takes part in the daily life of the Collège and the Lycée by offering documentary selections in relation with general current events or events specific to the school.

Finally, the CDI has a partnership with Ombrosa Times, the online publishing of the work produced by highschoolers in the Journalism Workshop.

All collections of the CDI, the Highschool journal and the Educ’Arte digital resource, can all be viewed online: