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19Sep Presentation of the Lycée's workshops This Tuesday, September 13 between 1:25 pm and 3 pm, High school students were welcomed… Learn more 01Jul "Space Journey", the artsy short film by the 6ème students As part of their arts classes, students of 6ème created a cosmic short film in… Learn more 28Jun Emotions interpreted by the GSM students Learn more 22Jun The Miser of Molière played by the 5ème C On Wednesday, June 22nd, the CE1 D class saw a theatrical performance. They enjoyed The… Learn more 16Jun The stays in immersion in the UK have started again! It is with great pleasure that our stays in immersion in the UK have progressively… Learn more 10Jun Visit of the Musée des Confluences     Learn more 09Jun Visit of the CP classes         Learn more 09Jun EMI Project about Women's Rights As part of the EMI class (Education to Media and Information), students of 6e led… Learn more 03Jun Stay in the UK in PGL Here is the third day in the UK in PGL, taking place in a both… Learn more 12May LEGO project CM1 In connection with our Geography and English units on renewable resources and eco-homes, our CM1… Learn more 09May Bike license CM2 On April 5 and 7, CM2 students received 2 policement from the road safety department… Learn more 03May Gender equity project As part of our yearly project on gender equity, about twenty students of troisième enjoyed… Learn more 03May PSC1 Training for first aid The week of April 4th was dedicated to prevention in CM1 and CM2. While CM1… Learn more 15Apr La caravane des métiers welcomes our students of 4e The comunication campaign organized by the region and welcomed in Caluire was an occasion for… Learn more 14Apr Earth Day Today, the Elementary school celebrated the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day!           … Learn more