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19Nov Presentation of Ombrosa Collège - Lower Secondary School - 19.11.22 A presentation of the Collège is scheduled on Saturday, November 19th, 2022. Families will be… Learn more 26Nov Open Day Lyon 6 - Saturday, November 26 2022   To receive your invitation, please contact us at Learn more 07Jul Goodbye Mrs. Smith, Goodbye Mr. Varenne! Children of Nursery and Primary said goodbye to Mr Varenne and Mrs Smith on a… Learn more 02Mar Open Day Caluire - Nursery, Elementary & Lower Secondary Schools We are pleased to invite you to discover OMBROSA (Nursery, Elementary and Lower Secondary) on… Learn more 08Feb Virtual Open Day - Caluire Nursery School 2022 Each class will present a language sequence of about 10 to 20 minutes according to… Learn more 04Feb Visits and admission days - Lyon 6ème The Nursery in Lyon 6 opens its doors to you! Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Smith… Learn more 21Jan Virtual Open Day of the Lycée - Saturday, January 29… We will present our high school’s teaching programme, along with both general (French section) and… Learn more 29Jan Virtual Open Day of Caluire Nursery School - Saturday, January… Virtual presentation of our Nursery School in Caluire (in French and then in English). If… Learn more 28Sep Presentation of the Singapore method for CP When parents of CP (G1/Y2) students discover the Singapore method for learning mathematics… Handling, reasonning,… Learn more 14Feb Open Day of Voglans Elementary School - Savoie - February… February 14th 2020 2.30 p.m – 6.00 p.m Learn more 01Feb Open Day for Upper Secondary School - February 1st 2020 The Open Day of Ombrosa Upper Secondary School will take place on Saturday, February 1st… Learn more Soirée Singapour 02Dec When parents go back to school to learn mathematics... Under the supervision of Ludivine Meysen, parents of CE1 (G2/Y3) and CE2(G3/Y4) pupils took another… Learn more 30Nov Open Day The Nursery - Lyon 6 Saturday, November 30th 2019 9.30 a.m – 12.30 p.m PROGRAMME OF THE ACTIVITIES : 09.30… Learn more