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09May Outing at the aquarium MS/GS During our visit to the Aquarium of Lyon, we had the opportunity to study many… Learn more 03May Gender equity project As part of our yearly project on gender equity, about twenty students of troisième enjoyed… Learn more 03May PSC1 Training for first aid The week of April 4th was dedicated to prevention in CM1 and CM2. While CM1… Learn more 15Apr La caravane des métiers welcomes our students of 4e The comunication campaign organized by the region and welcomed in Caluire was an occasion for… Learn more 14Apr Earth Day Today, the Elementary school celebrated the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day!           … Learn more 14Apr Getting involved in senior high school Several high school students, supported by Mrs. Saber, head of school life at the Lycée,… Learn more 14Apr CAS Showcase of the Tle IB students During their last week of IB classes, TBI students presented some of their CAS (Creaticity,… Learn more 06Apr Concert of the High School Music Band The High School Music Band offered two shows on February 11th to welcome all their… Learn more 06Apr Visual Art Exhibition of IB students The Arts exhibit constitutes the completion of two years of work for students of the… Learn more 06Apr Stay in the UK CE1 Students of CE1 left for Holmwood House for a week. Their days are punctuated by… Learn more 08Apr Alice's Wonderland TEASER The Musical Theatre Club of the college invites you to come and discover its show… Learn more 05Apr Stay in the UK (2022) Here we are back in the UK after three years without being able to travel.… Learn more 05Apr Discovering the wildlife of Caluire In conjunction with our class project about the animals and our surrounding environment, Chloé from… Learn more 29Mar Meeting with Claire Fayers The Welsh author Clare Fayers, spent 3 days at Ombrosa with students of Elementary from… Learn more 28Mar Newcomers in CP! The big day has arrived in CP! Our chicks have arrived! We have followed their… Learn more