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10Dec Talent Show in the Collège Friday, December 18 from 12.30 to 1.45 pm Learn more 09Dec Show of the Lycée's Drama Club - Monday 14, 5.45 Lycée students will present their show “Lost in the Supermarket” in the Vernay to all:… Learn more 04Dec Lights Festival On Tuesday 1st of December, the children in MSM A decorated candle holders in preparation… Learn more 04Dec Food Bank 2009 It has been 2 weeks now that students have been collecting food for the Food… Learn more 04Dec Ombrosa takes part in the "athletics' specials Challenge" and the… On Wednesday, November 2009, Ombrosa High School took part in the athletics championship in the… Learn more 27Nov Translation contest organized by the European Union November 24, 10-12 On November 24, five students of Terminale took part in the translation… Learn more 13Nov mental arithmetic in CE2 The mental arithmetics contest has begun! Takes place every week and gathers all 4 classes… Learn more 13Nov Autumn Festival - Nursery School Children of the Nursery School celebrated the Autumn on October 23, 2009. Children gathered around… Learn more 06Nov Holmwood House children visiting their pen friends in Caluire and… From October 14 to 18, 18 courageous ambassadors came to visit their pen friends in… Learn more 06Nov IB students mobilized to welcome people in Lyon For the salon “Lyon à la carte” dedicated to expat families of Lyon, students of… Learn more 06Nov Students of the international and French sections received their diplomas and congratulations from their teachers.… Learn more 05Nov Integration night at the Lycée 80% of Lycée students booked their first days of holidays to take part in the… Learn more 23Oct Outing of the GSM Caluire Children of GSM, along with a supervisor from the Frapna, took part in a “hunt”… Learn more 23Oct Tasting Week - MSM Caluire The MSM A class took part in the Tasting Week from October 11 to 16.… Learn more 09Oct Open Day The Nursery - December 5, 2009 - 2.00… The Nursery School in Lyon 6 wlecomes you on Saturday, December 2009 at 2.00 pm.… Learn more