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09Jun Canadian Exchange 2023 Today we are celebrating France and Canada’s alliance. After a few years on hold, the… Learn more 16Nov Trip to London During the October Toussaint break, Miss Ellie and Miss O’Sullivan, the Collège Drama and English… Learn more 12Jul School trip in Germany Students of 4ème and 5ème learning German at school had the opportunity to finish the… Learn more 16Jun The stays in immersion in the UK have started again! It is with great pleasure that our stays in immersion in the UK have progressively… Learn more 03Jun Stay in the UK in PGL Here is the third day in the UK in PGL, taking place in a both… Learn more 13May Stay in Ireland 5e and 4e From 19th April until 2nd May, 18 students (from 5e and 4e) from Caluire and… Learn more 06Apr Stay in the UK CE1 Students of CE1 left for Holmwood House for a week. Their days are punctuated by… Learn more 05Apr Stay in the UK (2022) Here we are back in the UK after three years without being able to travel.… Learn more 12Nov Collège - English stay at Châteaux des Langues A dozen collège students from Ombrosa Caluire and Bourget-du-Lac took part in the English-speaking stay… Learn more 12Nov Year 5 (CM1) - English stay at IBS of Provence Thirty Year 5 (CM1) pupils from Ombrosa Caluire and Voglans took part in the English-speaking… Learn more 22Jun IBS Trip CM2 classes Since they could not go to the UK, students of CM2 classes (G5/Y6) went on… Learn more 08Apr Discovering life in Japan, testimony of Ms. BOILLOT of the… On April 8, 2021, Jessica BOILLOT of the Consular Office of Japan in Lyon shared… Learn more 06Apr Videoconference with students in Japan From March 29 to April 6 2021, Ombrosa students in Japanese from 6th to 12th… Learn more 25Oct Cultural London Trip - 2019 During the Toussaint Holiday Miss Ellie and Miss O’Sullivan accompanied a group of thirteen troisième… Learn more 08Nov London cultural trip - October 2018 During the recent October holiday a group of 12 pupils from troisième (G9/Y10) and seconde… Learn more