International and French School
Multilingual Teaching
Lyon & Savoie

Practical tips

  • All levels are available at Ombrosa, from the 1st year of Nursery School up to the Terminale class, last year of Upper Secondary School.
  • Siblings can be welcomed for their entire schooling, on one single campus in the case of Caluire.

  • The linguistic training offers extended opportunities which can sometimes be challenging to organise in other schools.
  • The immersive school trips abroad that are organised and supervised by out staff come to support all the work done on the linguistic, cultural and human levels.

  • For each step of the schooling, a Head of Studies ensures the monitoring and coordination of the partnership between the school, the family and the pupil.
  • The educational environement is thought to be complete and diversified on a daily basis, while adapting itself to the needs of each pupil.
  • Digital tools make it possible to closely follow the schooling and ease the communication. The information provided is available in both French and English.
  • Guidance towards higher education can be offered for both national and international perspectives.
  • Pupils can prepare and sign up for different certifications, validation and exams.

  • A before and after-class supervision comes to extend the daily welcoming of pupils.
  • All our sites are well served, including the Caluire campus that benefits from a network of dedicated bus lines.

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TSO private bus lines serving the Grand Lyon area and shuttle to The Nursery in Lyon 6e:

ML6 - Nursery Lyon 6MC - Nursery Lyon CaluireEC - Elementary Lyon CaluireCC - Lower Secondary Lyon CaluireLC - Upper Secondary Lyon CaluireMS - Nursery SavoieES - Elementary SavoieCS - LOWER SECONDARY SAVOIE